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A cookie is a small text file that the website you are visiting requests to be stored on your computer. Cookies are used on many websites to give a visitor access to various functions. You can also use the information in the cookie to follow how users browse the website. This website uses cookies in order for you to have a good user experience and for me to be able to learn more about how I can improve the website. The information is not used to identify individual visitors (you are completely anonymous) but to see how visitors generally integrate with the website.


If you fill in my contact form, I will only use this personal information in order to reply to you. I do not share any personal information with third parties and when I have fulfilled my commitment to you, this information will be deleted from my system. If you become a customer, I will save contact information such as name or company name, organization number / social security number, contact person (first name + last name), address, telephone number and email address. When registering to my e-mail list, I also save any information about your professional title. This information is only used to fulfill my commitment to you and your purchase. You can choose if you want me to delete your information from the system. All information used when booking is deleted 24 months after the booking is made if you do not want me to delete the information before.

E-mail list

If you sign up to my e-mail list, you will receive e-mails from me until you choose to unsubscribe from my e-mail list. I will then remove your information from the mailing list. You agree to HodaNails's way of handling your personal information as described above when you sign up to the email list.

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